Notes for VE4WSC Satellite Operators


  • Multifunction Switch Box

    • Front and Rear

    • Rear Jacks

      • To FT-736r DATA jack

      • To External Speaker Amplifier

      • To AUX OUT and AUDIO IN on PC sound card.

    • TBox / PC switch  ( C-OFF )

      • swap CAT control of FT736r from the TrakBox to SATPC32

      • Normally set to TBox

    • A / D switch  ( C-OFF )

      • "D" sends audio from sound card to digital input on FT736r such as used for 74Hz tone for SO-50. 

      • "A" used to take audio from external FT-736r speaker jack to PC sound card for DSP, MixW , WinPack/AGW etc. 

      • Normally set to C-Off

    • P switch - powers UHF and VHF preamps and the S-Mode downconvertor on the tower -  normally ON

    • U and V  - switches phasing relays on UHF and VHF yagis on/off.  Used for FM satellites. 

  • TrakBox

  • Software

    • Wisp32 - now only used to control TrakBox but still configured to run TNC

    • SATPC32 - KEPS are retrieved from Nova's NASA.DAT file.  Use for all satellites except GO-32

    • Nova for Windows - Used for information and downloading KEPS from Space-Track and includes only the satellites we want by only downloading the VE4WSC Favorites.

    • KEPS download - Use Nova and then run the "KEPS Config" shortcut on the desktop to rename satellites to common names, copy KEPS.TXT to the WISP32 folder and desktop.

    • HyperTerminal - used to update TrakBox with KEPS.TXT and FREQ.TXT
































If AO-51 is coming from the north ( morning passes ) you may not hear anything and can tune the FT767GX to try and hear yourself.  On the pass from the south there will usually be US stations already working it and you tune for their signal.  Once you get the downlink you will only have to manually tune down the frequency to correct for doppler ending up at around 145.150 at LOS.  It moves fast go be warned.  Clicks and snaps on RX are terrestrial interference from cordless phones, WIFI networks etc. using the shared 2.4 GHz band.

You can confirm that the 2.4Ghz downconverter is working by connecting the 2.4Ghz signal source to the 12VDC power supply and tuning the FT767GX to aprox 144.000 Mhz where you will find a full-quiet signal.